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The 2023 Tax Season has started!

The 2023 tax season has officially started here at the Filkins Group. We are excited to serve you this year.

We will be relying heavily on technology and digital communications this year to aide in the volume of clients we are serving.

Here are some things that will help us complete your tax returns in the most timely and efficient manner.

  1. Tax documents opened and out of their envelopes - It does take time for our staff to open up envelopes, sort and prepare documents for scanning. The more scan ready your documents are, the less time we have to spend preparing your file for tax preparation. Gold stars for those that can electronically upload their documents to our Sharefile portal.

  2. Tax organizer reviewed and completed - Reviewing your tax organizer to be sure that we have your current address and contact information is greatly appreciated. Please fill in as much information as possible and include documentation (W-2, 1099, 1098, donation receipts, etc). This will hopefully keep the tax preparer from having too many questions which can delay the completion of your return.

Here's to a great 2023!

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